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Activity Rules

1. We will recruit 100 individuals to paticipate the trial of Pilot Era product. Those who pass the evaluation will receive a free trial of the Pilot Era camera for 2 months.

2. The active application deadline is March 31, 2018. We will stop application to enter the evaluation phase immediately. Our staff will contact you to deliver our product according to our schedule.

3. Pilot Era camera is a disruptive professional-grade panoramic camera, we sincerely hope to get your trial feedback and suggestions. During the probationary period, we encourage you to send us a feedback on the shooting experience and send back your shots. If your suggestion or filming is adopted, you will be a first-in-class experiencer with Pisofttech's latest technology products and receive a Pilot Era 1888 Yuan(CNY) voucher.

4. The agreement related will be send to whom pass the screening.

5. Final interpretation is owned by Shenzhen PI Software Technology Co., Ltd. all.

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