Redefine 360 shooting

All innovations of Pilot Era focus on efficiency. As a professional 360 camera,
it is different in all aspects, real-time 8K videos stitching, touch-screen, in-camera operation system and stand-alone live streaming. Pilot Era opened a smart era of 360 shooting by delivering the full solution all in one.

All in one camera for 8K 360 contents:
shoot, stitch and process all in camera

Creating 8K 360 contents has never been so easy. No computer needed for post-stitching, posting or live streaming.
All stages can be completed simpler, quicker and better in one camera, boosting your working efficiency on an epic scale.

Post-stitching in computer
Other professional 360 camera
Pilot Era

Efficient Workflow

General wayShootDownloadinstall softwarePost-stitching
in computer
Pilot EraShoot & Done

Suit for multiple environments

Real-time stitching / Optical-flow stitching / HDR

Optical-flow stitching Mode

Suit for indoor shooting

Real-time stitching Mode

Suit for outdoor shooting
* The safe distance of camera is 1.5 meters by now. Optimizing safe distance to 1 meter in future updates.

In-camera operation system,simple as a phone

The operation system of Pilot Era is intuitive. You can complete everything through touch screen just like using a phone camera.

Touch screen
Pilot OS
One-Click Upgradable
Firmware & Software

Real 8K, Real Sharp

In order to create stunning 8K 360 content, Pilot Era has been pursuing the ultimate effect in both hardware and algorithm:
four 4K fisheye lenses, nanosecond frame synchronization, real-time color balance. Through HDR mode, ISO and EV settings, photographers can adjust the camera to the best shooting state and get outstanding results.

8K Photo
(8192 × 4096)
HDR Mode
Sony sensor
Nanosecond frame synchronization
8K Video
(7680 × 3840)
ISO&EV settings
4K fisheye lense x 4
Real-time color balance

Real-time HDR mode: restore more details

The unique real-time global HDR mode of Pilot Era helps to capture excellent panoramic images in complex light environment.



Real-time color synchronization of lenses

Color Synchronization / Global AE Synchronization / High Color Rendition

Google street view ready camera

As a Google Street View Ready camera, Pilot Era perfectly meets all the needs
of Google Street View photographers. Take a Pilot Era out now. Shoot and one-click upload to Google Street View Server with just one camera.

High-accuracy GPS
Accurate scene restoration

Take it in one hand

Pilot Era is so small and light that you can take it anywhere easily.

Beer Can Size

Stand-alone 4K Live Streaming, no computer needed

With one Pilot Era and no computer, a 4K 360 live broadcasting can be completed.
5G live broadcasting with higher resolution and higher bit rate can be supported in the future. Logging in social media accounts in the camera, you can push 360 live streams directly to Facebook, YouTube, RTMP server and other platforms.

4GWIFI3.5h Non-stop shooting timeBit Rate: 2Mbps-60MbpsPilot Go

Pilot Era Samples

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Pilot Era

Redefine 360 shooting

Real-Time Stitching of 8K Videos
Google Street View Ready Camera
In-Camera Smart Operation System
Stand-Alone 4K Live streaming

$ 2599